The Campus Climate Study Committee recognizes that the confidentiality of respondents is critical to the success of our culture and climate study, especially as it centers on sensitive and personal issues. We are taking multiple precautionary measures to enhance individual confidentiality. No personally identifiable information is part of the survey. 

As with all survey platforms, our survey host, Qualtrics, records the IP address from which the survey was submitted. This information will be stripped from the data before the final dataset is made available for analysis. To protect individual responses, we do not request any personal identifiers such as the respondent's name, email address, AccessID, department/unit affiliation, etc. Furthermore, we will report on overarching themes from the survey. Group responses with less than 10 individuals in a given data marker will not be reported. For example, if a unit has fewer than 10 female employees, we will not report females as a data marker for that unit. Open-ended responses are intended to guide further research on specific topics unless an overarching theme emerges.

This survey and our partner have been reviewed and approved by the Computing and Information Technology Information Security Office. Any privacy concerns may be reported to the Computing and Information Technology Information Security Office.