Culture and climate are the social environment that either lifts or limits our collective potential. From policy to personal attitudes in the classroom, the residence hall, the Dean's office, the laboratory, and the bookstore, campus culture and climate are often defined by individual experiences, perceptions and institutional efforts.

To study WSU's culture and climate, we are working with Viewfinder® Campus Climate Surveys to develop a survey for all students, faculty and staff. This component of our study is designed to measure perceptions and experiences of diversity, inclusiveness, fairness, conduct, safety, support, and opportunities for advancement and academic success.

The goal of our culture and climate study is to:

  1. Identify what is working to build a positive environment
  2. Discover challenges that exist within our community
  3. Assess growth and change from our 2018 climate survey
  4. Develop strategic initiatives to build on successes while addressing challenges

At the start of the Fall 2023 semester, the Campus Climate Study Committee sought input from stakeholders across campus to refine the survey for a campus-wide launch in January 2024. 

The Committee will begin analyzing the data in Winter 2024 and share the survey report with the campus community in Fall 2024. The Committee will also work with the schools, colleges and divisions to develop a detailed analysis of the aggregated responses to help guide future action plans.