Campus climate study committee

The Campus Climate Study Committee was formed at the request of President M. Roy Wilson and Provost Keith Whitfield under the leadership of Associate Provost for Diversity & Inclusion/Chief Diversity Officer Marquita T. Chamblee. The committee was charged with assessment, development and implementation of a campus climate study. This group has engaged members of the WSU community for input from all levels and perspectives to assist in the study design and roll-out process.

These volunteer committee members are working together to help shape a safe and inclusive atmosphere for all Warriors to learn, teach and work.


Catherine M. Barrette, WSU Director of Assessment, Office of the Provost

Carolyn Berry, Associate Vice President, Marketing Strategy, Office of Marketing and Communications

Marquita T. Chamblee, Associate Provost for Diversity & Inclusion/Chief Diversity Officer, Office of the Provost

Mary K. Clark, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Joseph Dunbar, Professor, Department of Physiology; C. Gershenson Distinguished Fellow; Director of Special Programs, School of Medicine

Lars U. Johnson, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Loraleigh Keashly, Professor, Department of Communication; Associate Dean, Curricular & Student Affairs, College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts

Randie Kruman, Director, Student Disability Services, Student Retention

Donyale Griffin Padgett, Associate Professor, Diversity, Culture & Communication, Department of Communication, College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts

Christopher Rader, Associate Director, Housing and Residential Life

Leah Robinson, Director, Academic Support, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, School of Medicine

Alicia Roman, Executive Assistant, Office of Institutional Research and Analysis

Carolyn M. Shields, Professor, Educational Leadership, College of Education

Laura Woodward, Director, Testing and Assessment, Testing, Evaluation and Research Services

Meihua Zhai, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research and Data Resources